Through years of working in different newsrooms, I was entrusted to carry one-to-one interviews to be published online and print. Most of the interviews below were featured on The Malta Independent.

Former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti

An interview with economist and former Italian Premier Mario Monti about European issues and the infamous Panama Papers.

Interview title as appeared on The Malta Independent: Former Italian premier Mario Monti warns about crumbling of a unified Europe

Photo: Jonathan Borg.

Link to full interview here. 

Human Rights Watch Advocacy Director
Boris Dittrich

For the last 11 years, Boris Dittrich has led the Human Rights Watch’s advocacy efforts on the rights of LGBT people around the world. In the interview, he explained how Malta was a true champion of human rights before the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. 

Published for The Malta Independent. Link here. 

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo

Had the opportunity to speak and ask Minister Bartolo for comments multiple times. This was a proper, sit-down interview. Nowadays Evarist Bartolo is Minister for Foreign Affairs. Interview title as appeared on The Malta Independent: ‘We need structures to avoid repetition of Panama Papers’

Full interview here.

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, Chris Fearne had predicted that the Labour Party will win the general elections with 40,000 votes. In this particular interview he makes another interesting prediction; that the Labour Party will stay in power for another 20 years. 

Full Interview here. 

Shadow Minister for Education George Pullicino

At the time of the interview, former Minister George Pullicino was the spokesperson for Education. In the interview he rebutted Labour’s attempt to recycled what he called “a 10-year-old story”.

Full interview as appeared on The Malta Independent here. 

Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna

We carried this interview ahead of a Deputy Leadership of the Labour Party contest. Minister Scicluna was one of the three contenders. 

Full interview on The Malta Independent here. 

Mustafa Dzhemile, activist for the Crimean Tartars

Met and interviewed Mustafa Dzhemile as he was short-listed for the Sakharov Price in Strasbourg, home to the EU parliament. He is one of the protagonists behind human rights activism under soviet rule. He explains how this prize is perhaps a bit more personal for him as Andrei Sakharov was a close friend of his. Link here. 

Martin, former owner of Crystal Palace Pastizzeria

I had broken the story how Malta’s most popular pastizzeria was going to call it a day and sell the shop. It created an uproar. It had nothing to do with major corruption scandals, but a simple pastizzi story is what the public needs to go mad. 

Full interview here.