Welcome to my website. My name is Gabriel Schembri, I am a journalist, writer and educator from Malta. For the past ten years I have had the opportunity to work in some of the largest, most prominent newsrooms in Malta. I worked in print, online and radio namely The Malta Independent, Malta Today, Newsbook, The Shift and more. (You can see some of my journalistic work here.)


During a recent two-and-a-half years travel experience, I decided to dedicate my time and energy to freelance content writing, copy writing and journalism. For the past couple of years I managed to gain priceless experience working with news organisations and businesses from a vast array of different sectors. 

I had the opportunity to work on press packs for international exhibitions, write content for websites of different companies and organisations and also managed a number of social media campaigns in Malta and abroad. (Click here for a sample of my content writing work.) I also write scripts for adverts and documentaries.  
I am a passionate traveler and was lucky to have spent most of my twenties living in very interesting countries like Peru, Australia and the Philippines.
For my work, I mostly write in English. But because I share a huge interest in the Maltese language, I shift to my native language when it comes to writing fiction. In 2014 I published my first book, Esklussiva Dotkom. The book was short listed for the National Book Price. In 2017, after a year of volunteering abroad, I came home fueled with inspiration to write my second work of fiction – Patria. 
As you can see, writing is what I do. And occasionally get really bored and start up a website…
Thank you for visiting this space and feel free to get in touch.