My second publiction, Patria, has been a really challenging book to write. Not for the lack of ideas or material, but because it tackles such a delicate topic – migration and racism. 

Patria tells the story of four unlikely of friends who decide to take down racism in Malta. Each character with his own motive, the story takes a gruesome turn as we’re taken on this quest for vengeance and misguided justice. 

Like Esklussiva Dotkom, this book was also published by Klabb Kotba Maltin, a well-respected publication house with a long list of award winning authors under it’s wing. It has been a privalege to work with them. 

Patria was published in November 2017.  

Reviews and general feedback

Patria tackles a controversial topic. So before I pushed the idea to my publisher, I knew this book would be very well received by a particular segment of society (perhaps left-winged) but would not go down so well with the more nationalistic, far-right viewed readers. Getting feedback about Patria has been the most rewarding experience in my literary career. I will be posting some reviews soon. 

In the Press

Patria was the editor's choice for the special Christmas edition of First Magazine.

SBS Melbourne interviewed me about the book while in was travelling in Australia. Audio link on image.

First Magazine featured an interview about Patria. Click image for online version.