Esklussiva Dotkom

Esklussiva Dotkom was published in November 2015 and is a fiction novel about journalism. The book is in Maltese and was published by the longest established and largest publication house in Malta, Klabb Kotba Maltin. The book was short-listed for the National Book Prize. Esklussiva Dotkom was aimed to reach young/adult audiences and has managed to attract good reviews from readers of varying ages.


That's me during the launch.
Book Launch held at Talbot and Bons

Gearing up for the official launch of the book, we decided to create 3 short ‘book trailers’. A little teaser on what the book is about. Have a look here below. 

Here’s an English version of the blurb:


Newspaper L-Esklussiva (The Exclusive) is bankrupt and editor Kevin Rapa employs Rick to help him get the paper back on its feet. The plan goes against every journalistic ethic and Rick quickly finds himself entangled in something greater. In the shadow of all this, new love emerges and conflicts from the past are rekindled. 

Have you read the book? If you did, I’d love to hear some feedback. Get in touch. You can buy Esklussiva Dotkom here. You can also find the book on GoodReads so feel free to rate and review Ekslussiva Dotkom by clicking here

Book launch held at Talbot & Bons
Author Leanne Ellul read the first chapter during the launch

In the Press

Esklussiva Dotkom was my debut into the world of literature in Malta. I was 24 when the book came out. With writing, comes a bit of marketing and I was pleased to see that the press played along. The book was featured on Radio shows, TV interviews and newspapers. Here’s a glimpse. 

BONUS: School librarian and Maltese literature enthusiast recorded pieces of readings from the book. They can be found here

Esklussiva Dotkom presented to the Speaker of the House in Parliament at the 2015 IGM journalism Awards.

A very positive book review on Sunday newspaper 'It-Torca' by Omar Seguna

An article announcing the books shortlisted for the National Book Price.

Front cover by David Schembri. Editor Kit Azzopardi. Book Launch Photographer and Videos Graziella Ellul. All Rights Reserved.